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The Importance of Change

Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Time: 9:00AM–4:00PM

Location: The Century House, Latham, New York



Breakfast: A full, warm breakfast will be served. Coffee, drinks, and snacks will be available throughout the day.


Session 4a: Leading Change

The demands being placed on leaders today are increasingly complex. Not only are your job responsibilities more diverse, but the problems you face can be unfamiliar and unpredictable. Leading change in an environment like this can sometimes feel like trying to play chess in the surf of the ocean. And now the truth: Most organizational changes fail to deliver. According to McKinsey, 75% of organizational changes fail – for reasons like lack of clear strategy; focus only on org chart redesign; failure to garner leadership support at all levels; failure to focus on the behavioral change needed in people; and unwillingness to accept the tradeoffs that come with an organizational change. The purpose of this session is to focus on your role of leading change, so your change initiatives don’t land in the graveyard of failed change efforts. And we’ll do that by strengthening your change leadership muscle, so you can better respond to
the growing needs of your church and the communities you serve. This will be grounded in changing how you think about change. Because when you change how you think about change, you change your response to change. And the results you get are different – and better.

Invited Presenter:

Jennifer McCuen, Founder and President; FutureEdge Advisors


Lunch: A buffet-style lunch will be provided by the Century House


Session 4b: Leading Change

We will continue to explore some of the challenges of leading change with our invited presenter.

Invited Presenter:

Jennifer McCuen, Founder and President; FutureEdge Advisors


Wrap up, surveys, and additional time to work with your team as desired.

More about our invited presenter:


Jennifer McCuen


Jennifer McCuen is the founder and president of FutureEdge Advisors, helping prepare leaders and organizations for experiences they haven’t had before.  Jen has a track record for building and leading global teams that change things.  Her extensive experience and broad business perspective in attracting, retaining and growing talent spanning 30 years includes roles leading a mortgage sales and operations team generating over $350M in sales; VP of Enterprise Learning for UnitedHealth Group, a global, Fortune 5 company; and SVP of Talent Development for a $20B multi-state regional bank. 

Post Session Four

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We were so fortunate to have Jennifer McCuen, Founder and President of FutureEdge Advisors, join us all the way from Richmond, Virginia to help us understand some of the challenges in leading successful change. As Jen mentioned, most change fails, and we, as leaders, must understand why change fails so that we can avoid common mistakes in the change process. Jen took us through a number of thought-provoking exercises. She taught us to look at our problems from a different perspective and always think about our people in the change process. For future sessions, we hope that the insights gained here will allow every member of the Institute to become more effective in leading their teams and organizations to deliver services in their communities, particularly to those members who have experienced trauma.

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