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The Importance of Empathy

Date: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Time: 9:00AM–3:00PM

Location: The Century House, Latham, New York



Breakfast: A full, warm breakfast will be served, so bring your appetite!
Coffee, drinks, and snacks will be available throughout the day.


Session 2a: The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Invited Presenter:

Tracy Solarek, Founder and Chief Inspirer Optymum Potential


Lunch: A buffet-style lunch will be provided by the Century House


Session 2b: The Challenge of Individual Change

Facilitator-led workshop:

Your table facilitators will guide you through a process of individual

change, growth and development.

More about our invited presenter:

Tracy April 2022.webp

Tracy Solarek


Tracy Solarek helps leaders achieve their full potential and civic and business organizations achieve their goals. A solutions-oriented professional, she is certified in Emotional Intelligence® and 360®. In 2021, Tracy joined the Dale Carnegie Team as a producer and is a Trainer Candidate. Tracy is an engaging presenter and has been invited to speak at several events on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. Previously Tracy worked as a marketing executive with government, non-profit and corporations of all sizes. She is a lifelong Catholic and a part of pastoral council and music ministry at Corpus Christi in Round Lake, NY. You can learn more about Tracy by visiting

Post Session Two

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In the morning, Tracy Solarek dug deeper into the exceptionally important concept of emotional intelligence (EI). We saw how much better high EI leaders performed and we explored way to build our own individual. By developing greater emotional intelligence, we will be better prepared to lead in our organization and serve our community.

In the afternoon, Paul Thurston guided us through a process of planning an individual change. If we are going to grow as leaders, this will require change. We’ll have to honestly assess our strengths and weaknesses to grow as a leader. We choose one element of the emotional intelligence report as a focus for this change. Working through the worksheet is challenging at first, but provides us with a great opportunity to truly consider the challenges associated with personal growth and development.

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